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Open Positions

We are un-disciplined* scientists.

*Un-disciplined (ən-ˈdi-sə-plənd): a scientist who is skilled in the craft of moving across disciplines in order to solve problems without a slight compromise on rigor.

Company Culture

In data we trust

At Eleven Tx, we are guided by the philosophy of the famous E. Deming quote "In God we trust; all others must bring data". We aim to build platforms and processes that will inform our drug development, using the power of data rather than gut feelings or a process of trial and error.

Distributed innovation

In order to achieve our mission, we need to engage the best and brightest minds in multiple disciplines. Recognizing that talent is distributed across geographies and cultures, we promote and embrace remote work whenever possible, enabling us to form a world-class team.

We come one, we come all

Scientists are familiar with complex problems, but complex problems are unfamiliar with scientists. They do not know your department, your training background, or the name of your degree. They just want to be solved. We aim to work with people who can communicate across disciplines to solve complex problems, together.

Turn it up to… Eleven

Meet some of the Team

Director of Intellectual Property

| Full time

| Israel / UK

  • Roles:
    • Managing all aspects of creating and protecting the intellectual property assets of our innovative platforms and programs, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets
    • Evaluating the patentability of innovations, draft and prosecute US patent applications, and direct foreign patent filings with foreign patent counsel
    • Responding to patent office challenges instituted by third parties
    • Working closely with our scientists to maintain and grow the company’s portfolio of patents, trade secrets and trademarks, as well as educate them about best practices in IP
    • Providing legal counsel to the overall company regarding intellectual property matters for purposes of obtaining and maintaining the Company’s global intellectual property portfolio
    • Reviewing the IP of potential initiatives as part of licensing deals, collaborations, and strategic partnerships
    • Actively monitoring industry legal and business developments pertaining to the IP landscape of our competitors and potential partners, and advising regarding business changes given new developments in one’s area of expertise and the businesses impacted
  • Required qualifications:
    • An advanced degree in biology, biotechnology, chemistry, or genetics
    • Registered Patent Attorney: a must
    • Minimum of 5 years of legal experience in patent prosecution and IP strategy
    • Prior experience protecting technologies and novel platforms in the context of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and/or other diagnostic applications
    • Proven track record in developing and implementing patent strategies, with demonstrated success in securing meaningful patent protection for products and technology platforms
    • Extensive expertise with U.S. patent law and thorough understanding of foreign patent laws in major jurisdictions
    • Experience in other IP disciplines, particularly trade secrets is desirable
    • Stellar references

Senior Nucleic-Acid Chemist

| Full time

| Cambridge, UK

  • Roles:
    • Developing innovative, high throughput, orthogonal chemical synthesis methods to generate massive amounts of data for AI algorithms
    • Designing clever experiments to drive AI insights from chemical compounds
    • Collaborating closely with AI experts to decipher the rules and iteratively design experimental batches
    • Working on and industrializing a range of synthesis technologies and new building blocks
  • Required qualifications:
    • PhD in nucleic acid chemistry
    • Experience with oligonucleotide synthesis
    • Knowledge in a range of molecular biology assays relevant for nucleic acids
    • Recognized excellence in chemistry

Senior Data Scientist

| Full time

| Israel / UK / US


Job Description – Senior Data Scientist

Eleven Tx is seeking a passionate and innovative data scientist interested in developing next generation therapeutics. At Eleven Tx, you will join an international team of world-class scientists to create programmable RNA drugs, using our state of the art high throughput platforms.


Key responsibilities

  • Building machine learning frameworks to learn from massive data sets
  • Continuously refining experimental frameworks using active learning and AI-guided directed evolution
  • Analyzing high throughput platforms, including Illumina sequencing and flow cytometry
  • Designing and analyzing experiments together with experimentalists
  • Identifying, assessing, and implementing novel technological tools
  • Conducting cutting-edge research and presenting at top conferences



  • Strong background in data science and/or bioinformatics
  • Strong coding skills
  • Creativity, flexibility, and adaptability to changing priorities in a fast-paced environment.
  • Ph.D or MS.c in bioinformatics (or related field) is a major advantage

Senior Scientist - RNA Biology

| Full time

| Cambridge (UK)


Job Description – Senior Scientist RNA Biology

Eleven Tx is seeking a passionate and innovative Molecular RNA Biologists interested in developing next generation therapeutics. At Eleven Tx, you will join an international team of world-class scientists to create programmable RNA drugs, using our state of the art high throughput platforms.

Key Responsibilities
As a senior scientist you will contribute to the design and development of new massively parallel combinatorial platforms that span the gamut, from nucleic acid synthesis to functional characterisation in a range of biological systems. You will:

  • Identify and implement novel tools in RNA and cell biology.
  • Propose experimental designs and strategies, and work closely withother team members to implement and troubleshoot your systems.
  • Eleven fosters an interdisciplinary environment, where you will collaborate with the A.I. team and further develop new areas of research aimed to develop safe, effective and durable therapeutics.


● PhD in Molecular Biology with ≥4 years academic or industry experience in RNA R&D.
● Proficiency in cutting-edge molecular biology and DNA/ RNA techniques, including NGS.
● Hands-on expertise handling mammalian tissue cultures and cell-based assays.
● Excellent communication and presentation skills.
● Desire and ability to voice your opinion and share ideas.
● Creativity, thinking outside-the-box, developing fit-for-purpose solutions.
● Preferable: Expertise in developing new high throughput technologies.